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Kollekiv Artist VA Albums

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. Kollektiv Artists. Volume 9.

. Kollektiv Artists. Volume 8. . Kollektiv Artists. Rhythm and a muse 2.

. Kollektiv Artists. Volume 7. [Part 1] . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 7. [Part 2]

. Kollektiv Artists. Volume 6. . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 6. [Part 2]


Kollektiv Artists. Rhythm and a muse. . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 5. . Kollektiv Artists. Pioneri.

Kollektiv Artists. Volume 4. . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 3.5 . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 3.

Kollektiv Artists. Smog Sampler . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 2. . Kollektiv Artists. Volume 1.

The Kollektiv Artists is a Moscow based collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms and telling their stories; paying attention to slight glances; taking chances and unexpected turns; with the sole hope of enlivening the spirits of music lovers. Importantly, we choose to create and share in a collective, rather than a commercial fashion. This empowers our artists with a complete freedom of expression, and in this absence of commercial trappings our music can blossom.

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