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mK33 Gerardo T - Let the Kids Ride Free

mK33 Gerardo T - Let the kids ride free EP


Gerardo T - Let the kids ride free

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1. Let the Kids Ride Free

2. Fanatic


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Download mK33 Gerardo T - Let the Kids Ride Free

Artist…..: Gerardo T
Title……: Let the kids ride free EP
Label……: musickollektiv.org
Genre……: Minimal\Techno
Released..: Jun-25-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3Gerardo T

Gerardo T is a talented young producer from Mexico. Have a listen to his wonderful two track mK release. Entitled 'Let the Kids Ride Free.

Check Gerardo T out on myspace



Let the Kids Ride Free Kollektiv

The purpose of the "Let the Kids Ride Free" concept is to create a unique environment, not a typical contest, but more like a gathering. It is where people can come together and hang out, without all the fees, rules, stipulations, and the lack of camaraderie of a normal event. They are about giving back to local communities and making it possible for kids without sponsors or the money to compete. Kids will be able to express their talent at a local and national level and will push the next generation to become something better than the last. Yet another first brought to you by your friends at Volcom who remember to "Let the Kids Ride Free".

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