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Kollektiv Artists. Rising.

To celebrate the beginning of the darker half of the year, at the time when the border between our world and the underworld is thinnest, we have created an offering fit for all the those Rising spirits.

Join us, in joining them, and welcome the unknown....

Kollektiv Artists. Rising

compiled by Bobo Lo x

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1. Ros - Dreams of Floating in a Cloudless Sky

2. The Lonely Schizo - First Day after Me ........

3. Bobo Lo - Rain, on and on............................

4. Samwell - It is Circus....................................

5. Revy - Trillium..............................................

6. Yoma - NON-Temporal.................................

7. Sloxxx - Nordijski Lebac...............................

8. Zaid Edghaim & Colourblind - Craulunder....

9. Agustin Armesto - Meriodelaplata...............

10. Ilya Orange - Shrink....................................

11. Multy - Vita.................................................

12. Ungar - Low Order.....................................

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New Kollektiv Artists:



Agustin Armesto (Arg)


agustin raul armesto

AGE: 26


LABEL: Working on a Kollektiv release

that´s all folks...



Zaid EdghaimZaid Edghaim loves music. He loves making it, listening to it, discovering it, dancing to it and playing it. Filled with an immense passion, his efforts churn sparks; sparks that manifest a glowing energy that is rooted in all that is good and true about the spirit of music and its ability to affect wonderful positive change in the world. It is as if by instinct alone Zaid Edghaim has arrived to music’s doorway.

At age 23, Zaid is a relative newcomer to the Toronto electronic music scene. Palestinian, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, surrounded by music and highly influenced by traditional middle-eastern drums and Arabic strings, Zaid’s love for the basic minimal elements of sound came early. At age 15, an adventurous spirit with an insatiable hunger for knowledge sent him to North America allowing him to explore his passion for sound with greater intensity.

In the summer of 2008, local DJ/Promoter team HushLamb Productions took notice, approaching Zaid to sign on to the HushLamb team and offering him residency at Toi Bar. Since then, Zaid has been gaining momentum by forging his deep minimal sets into the rooms of some of Toronto’s hottest spots playing alongside artists Hugo, Daniel Steinberg and Christian Burkhardt to name a few. Interning for Thoughtless Music boss Noah Pred, Zaid entered the world of production with upcoming tracks to be released on Thoughtless Music and Troia Recordings.

Influenced by the productions of Audiofly, Seuil, Tom Ellis, Kate Simko to name a few, Zaid’s track selection demonstrates his clear affection for a crisp, clean sound grounded by deep baselines, claps, and warped glitches. The result is music that is emotional and physical, as organic as it is metallic and as appropriate for the dance floor as for any proper afterhours.

Zaid’s love of music, holistic approach to sound and programming, to tweaks and turns, to bounces and blends, a passion and commitment to free thought, make each musical narrative of inspiration and intrigue. A constantly progressing and ever-eager student of his craft, this economist of sound clearly has a passion for the music he is creating both behind the decks and in his studio. Offering what can best be described as minimal that makes you bounce, Zaid Edghaim is a welcomed addition to Toronto’s electronic music community and a story of passion and creative genius that has only just begun.

Colourblind/ Cee Cee Cox


    Colourblind aka. Cee Cee Cox aka. Sia Gee is an Iranian-American-Canadian who currently resides out of the ever-growing city of Toronto. Like many other middle easterns in North America, his inspiration to continue music as a career came from years of study in school. After 9 years of studying, he managed to acquire a bachelor's degree majoring in political science and minoring in english literature, finishing with a law degree. "All it took was oneday" he says "for me to realize that I had studied for my culture andmy parents my whole life... While I had been trying to escape thisthought that music could ever do anything for me."

    With over 14 years of experience in analogue and organic instruments such as guitar, piano/keys, oud, Persian sitar, violin andcello, he has only been producing and djing electronic and/or house music for approximately a year. "I didn't get into it late! I've beenfollowing psytrance, minimal, techno, dub house, and so many otherelectronic genres for over 10 years... Getting into actually producingand playing with this style of music was my evolution, not only inmusic, but rather in life..."

    He started producing and djing under the name Cee Cee Cox and hasalready managed to sign 32 tracks to some of underground music's morereputable labels such as: Aenaria Music, 220v Recordings, XelaDigital, Bleep Bloop Records, and F*** House Music. "The reason irecently began to produce under the name Colourblind is because all my life being a colourblind person was difficult... Imagine having to askpeople at a clothing store what colour the tshirt you're about to buy is? Or imagine trying to guess colours in first grade? So I createdthis dark alter ego under this alias which is more emotional to me incomparison to my other alias... It just allows me to express myself without any sort of boundaries!"

   Continuing this wonderful path in expression through sound has now given him the confidence and assurance that there is a spot for him amongst the stars, not ones praised in Hollywood or in 12000 person stadiums in Ibiza, but rather amongst the stars above! "My end goal is not to make music that does not have an expiry date, but is rather timeless! Is it hard to do so? Not really... It all depends on what you want from music... Money, girls, and fame? Or consciousness and enlightenment for YOU!"

Cee Cee Cox Colourblind

Be dark, or be light, this Halloween night,Kollektiv Artists. Halloween.

with the launch of:

Выпуск нового диска

Kollektiv Artists. Rising. 3.5

30th October, 30 октября, суббота, 20:00, 20:00- 6:00

Всю ночь - два танцпола, dark room и light room

Dark Room: Bobo Lo (UK), Samwell (St.Petersburg), Gameboydrice and Fern

Light Room: The Lonely Schizo, G.IL.V, Multy, and Ilya Orange.

UV and Body Painting; See a future with our Fortune Teller; House of Horror; Filmshow
300 Rubles. Guestlist email: questions@musickollektiv.org

Be dark, or be light, this Halloween night,

with the launch of:

Выпуск нового диска

Kollektiv Artists. Rising. 3.5

SQUAT в ночь с 30 на 31 октября - это знатный особняк на Рождественке с особой эстетикой старинных фильмов ужасов, где творится убийственное и устрашающее своим размахом веселье. 

Конкурс на лучший костюм: 

Покажи себя с лучшей стороны - темной или светлой - выбрав образ дьявола, вампира или ангела, феи! 

Узнай свое будущее!

Предсказания от настоящей гадалки (гарантия 100%)


Живописный art-хеппенинг!

Thanks to all those wonderful people who filled the Kollektiv Artists. Halloween Party.

Squat was filled with people and atmosphere, which led to an unforgettable Halloween party, with an amazing range of music played to a extraordinarily large crowd with unrelenting euphoria, heads and chains created a dancefloor like no other, which was filled with horrific characters and costumes, naked bodies were everywhere, and spirits were high... a great way to launch the new album Kollektiv Artists. Rising.

Arthur Sqaut Squat Halloweem a

Halloween Squat a a

a a a

aa a

Bobo Lo a a


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