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mK15 Raul Salas on musickollektiv.org

mK15 -Raul Salas -Un Poco Technológico

mK15 Raul Salas

R. Salas (Raul Salas) is a former member of Dialogos Con La Electrónica (DCLE) collective from 2008 and has been interested in machines’s made music from 1992. Today he loves the sound of deep house, deep techno, techno and minimal. He has been resident dj of Sala Missiana (Marbella, Spain) until April 2009, sharing dj booth with people like Miguel Tovar, Anuschka, Jhön and Chritstian Montoya among others. He has been working in parties organized by DCLE at places like Colonial Face and La Cabaña, placed at the marina Marbella. He also has created Superplastika with Jhön, a new electronic music initiative for area of Marbella.


1. Un Poco Technológico - R. Salas (Original mix)

2. S-telar - R. Salas (Original mix)

3. Un Poco Technológico - R. Salas (Isaac Levy Remix)

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Artist…..: Raul Salas
Title……: Un Poco Technológico EP
Label……: artist of musickolletiv.org
Genre……: Techno
Released..: Jan-31-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3
Creative Commons License

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