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mK79 Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Rue Liandier EP

01. Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Déjà vu (Original mix)
02. Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Was zu sagen (Original mix)
03. Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Our Grow (Original mix)
04. Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Rue Liandier (Original mix)
05. Was zu sagen (Yaroslav Lenzyak Remix)
06. Our grow (Jarz remix)

Download mK79 Bakked, PrideOldMachine - Rue Liandier EP

mK78 Quadeyes - Hot SyrupmK78

1. Quadeyes - Can you hear (Original mix)
2. Quadeyes - Maelstrom Mu (Original mix)
3. Quadeyes - Ska pastora (Original mix)
4. Quadeyes - Lamentations (Original mix)
5. Quadeyes - Lamentations (Furz remix)
6. Quadeyes - Can you hear (DeconBocon remix)
7. Quadeyes - Can you hear (Sasha Nevolin remix)

Download mK78 Quadeyes - Hot Syrup



mK77 Sobamonk - Enter mK77

1. Sobamonk - Enter (Original mix)
2. Sobamonk - En hiver (Original mix)
3. Sobamonk - wenn der herbst kommt( Original mix)
4. Sobamonk - pots and dots (Original mix)
5. En hiver (Ampairelais's hiver vs herbst remix)
6. Enter (Nacho Monetto remix)
7. En hiver (mod2 remix)

Download mK77 Sobamonk - Enter



mK76 DeconBocon - DeckmK76

1. DeconBocon - Deck (Original mix)
2. Deck (Bakked remix)
3. Deck (Sobamonk remix)
4. DeconBocon - Satellite (Original mix)
5. DeconBocon - Whispers (Original mix) 


Download mK76 DeconBocon - Deck


mK75 Bakked - 90 94mK75 Bakked

1. Bakked - 90 94 (Original mix)
2. Bakked - TreMa (Original mix)
3. Bakked - VeleNo (Original mix)
4. TreMa (Storlon remix)
5. 90 94 (Remodd remix)
6. 90 94 (AnnOther Hybridit Remix)

Download mK75 Bakked - 90 94 EP



mK74 Hernan Bass - I don't know mK74

1. Hernan Bass - Thinking about thought (Original mix)
2. Hernan Bass - I don't know (Original mix)
3. Thinking about thought (Uja remix)
4. I don't know (Dr. Nojoke remix)

Download mK74 Hernan Bass - I don't know EP





mK73 Remodd - No more words EP

1. Remodd - no more words
2. Remodd - Loo
3. Remodd - AABB
4. Remodd - drumanddrop


Download mK73 Remodd - No more words




mK72 mod2&nino - Mr. Smooth EP

1. Le zèbre (Original mix)
2. Mr Smooth (Original mix)
3. Paris La nuit (Martin Avaro remix)
4. Paris La nuit (Original mix)

Download mK72 mod2&nino - Mr Smooth EP




mK71 Ampairelais - Sinaasappel

01 Ampairelais - Sinaasappel (Original mix)
02 Sinaasappel (Nacho Monetto Remix)
03 Sinaasappel (Pachyderme Remix)

Download mK71 Ampairelais - Sinaasappel




mK70 Hooll - Entrave EPmK70 Hooll

1. Hooll - Extraordinary Sunday
2. Hooll - Entrave
3. Hooll - Droids Badger's Walk
4. Entrave (Furz Remix)
5. Entrave (La Moosh aka Zeina & Alicia Hush Remix)
6. Droids Badger's Walk (Sloxxx Remix)

Download mK70 Hooll - Entave EP



mK69 Kaitaro - In to mind EPmK69 Kaitaro

1. Kaitaro - In to mind (Original Mix)
2. Kaitaro - Salvia
3. Salvia (Furz Remix)
4. Salvia (Hooll Remix)
5. In to mind (Slasman Makocic Remix)


Download mK69 Kaitaro - In to mind EP


mK68 Victor Frias - Tardes de room EPmK68

1. Victor Frias - Tardes de room (Original mix)
2. Tardes de room (Nacho Monetto Remix)
3. Tardes de room (As We Said Remix)
4. Tardes de room (Alicia's Nooner Remix)
5. Tardes de room (Lazzich Remix)
6. (Jesse Voltaire's des avatards roomix)
7. Tardes de room (Mynicuish Remix)
8. Tardes de room (Lazzich's last remix)

Download mK68 Victor Frias - Tardes de room EP


mK67 Mikhail Kobzar, Yefim Malko - Mysterious Wood

01. Mysterious Wood (Original Mix)
02. Kube (Original Mix)
03. Sad (Original Mix)
04. Mysterious Wood (Funktion Remix by FOKUS!)
05. Mysterious Wood (Hernan Bass Remix)

Download mK67 Mikhail Kobzar, Yefim Malko - Mysterious Wood 




mK66 DADIVE - Panta Rhei

01. DADIVE - Birth of a provisory process
02. DADIVE - Where is the sun
03. Where is the sun (Mini-Jool Remix)
04. DADIVE - Dystopia
05. DADIVE - Acta est fabula

Download mK66 DADIVE - Panta Rhei EP


mK65 Nacho Monetto - Stumpf

mK65 Nacho Monetto - Stumpf EP

01. Nacho Monetto - Stumpf
02. Nacho Monetto - Complex Plane
03. Stumpf (Tomzn Remix)
04. Complex Plane (Lazzich Remix)
05. Stumpf (Am.Light edit)

Download mK65 Nacho Monetto Stumpf EP



mK64 mono`ono - Colabrida Fest EP

1. 24 Hour Party People
2. Drug Moi Друг
3. Perdu Tout
4. 24 Hour Party People (Jesse Voltaire Remix)
5. Drug Moi Друг (Raido Sowelu Remix)
6. Perdu Tout (As We Said Remix)

Download mK64 mono`ono - Colabrida Fest EP


mK63 Florist - Cards on the table EPmK63

1. Florist – Diesa
2. Florist – Reflection
3. Florist - Black
4. Florist - Diesa (Garlik Remix)
5. Florist - Black (Zeina Remix)
6. Florist - Black (Lazich ball remix)
7. Florist - Black (Bunni Splanchnik Remix)
8. Florist - Diesa (Lazzich Remix)

Download mK63 Florist - Cards on the table EP

Artwork: Ayane

Mastering: Pheek

mK62 Ingemar Stalholm - Lobotomy EPmK62

01. Ingemar Stalholm - Configuration sequence 1
02. Ingemar Stalholm - 6.4311 [ogni mediocre]
03. Configuration Sequence 1 (Revy Remix)
04. 6.4311 (Lowbard mediocre´s Remix)
05. 6.4311 [ogni mediocre] (mono`ono shkarpezala remix)
06. Lobotomy [m_patcher into A=432hz Remix]
07. Ingemar stalholm - interlude [im so grateful for this]
08. 6.4311 [ogni mediocre] (Cleymoore Remix)
09. 6.3411 [ogni mediocre] (Marlene Magnoli Remix)
10. Configuration Sequence 1 (Olle2000 Remix)

Artwork: Ayane

Download mK62 Ingemar Stalholm - Lobotomy EP

mK60 Du Sant - Girl EP

mK60 Du Sant - Girl EP

1. Du Sant - You Know
2. Du Sant - Lovely Girl
3. Du Sant - Alone
4. Lovely Girl (Diogo Remix)
5. Alone (Tomzn Remix)



mK59 Victor Frias

mK59 Victor Frias - Kick of the Life EP

1. Victor Frias - Soft (Original Mix)
2. Victor Frias - Tisa Domingo
3. Victor Frias - Kick of the Life
4. Soft (Slasman Makocic Remix)
5. Soft (Brayan Valenzuela Remix)



mK58mK58 Sebastian peña - Sometimes crazy EP

1. Sebastian peña - Coco Loco
2. Sebastian peña - Sometimes crazy






mK57 mod2 - sofa beat

1. mod2 - sofa beat (Original Mix)
2. mod2 - Day of thunder
3. sofa beat (Furz Remix)
4. sofa beat (Ingemar Stalholm Remix)
5. sofa beat (Ingemar Stalholm's 2nd interpretation)




mK56 Slasman Makocic - Something is stalking me

1. Slasman Makocic - Bushranger
2. Slasman Makocic - Something is stalking me
3. Slasman Makocic - Transmission
4. Bushranger (As We Said Remix)
5. Something is stalking me (Fede Martin Remix)
6. Transmission (Sloxxx Remix)



mK55 Tomzn - suspekt aspekt ep

mK55 Tomzn - suspekt aspekt EP

1. Tomzn - cockroach
2. Tomzn - suspekt aspekt
3. Tomzn - obskure culture
4. cockroach (Nacho Monetto Remix)
5. suspekt aspekt (Leonel Jacquier Remix)
6. cockroach (Du Sant Remix)
7. cockroach (Leonel Jacquier Remix)


mK54 Hernan Bass

mK54 Hernan Bass - Dark Moments EP


1. Hernan Bass - La Santita
2. Hernan Bass - Suenos sin dientes
3. Hernan Bass - I wanna be a dusi for a night
4. Hernan Bass - Suenos sin dientes (Floating Mind Remix)
5. Hernan Bass - I wanna be a dusi for a night (Ehn Remix)
6. Hernan Bass - La Santita (Unluck Remix)


mK53 Lowbard

mK53 Lowbard - Hallucinogeen EP

1. Lowbard - The Simple Ghetto
2. Lowbard - Tempel Tino
3. Lowbard - Goma 4
4. The Simple Ghetto (Undefault Idu v Lombard remix)
5. Goma 4 (Marteaux Remix)
6. The Simple Ghetto (Neroh Wassa Remix)
7. The Simple Ghetto (Garlik Remix)


mK52 Durcheinander

mK52 Durcheinander - El Círculo De Venus EP

1. Durcheinander - Maniquies Del Fauno
2. Durcheinander - Gentes De Colores
3. Durcheinander - Laberintos De Mascarpone
4. Maniquies Del Fauno (Agustin Armesto Remix)
5. Laberintos De Mascarpone (Rat Remix)
6. Laberintos De Mascarpone (Eros Marez Remix)
7. Laberintos De Mascarpone (Ixioideae Remix)


mK51 Marlene Magnoli

mK51 Marlene Magnoli - Collision with a buffer EP

1. Marlene Magnoli - Collision with a buffer
2. Marlene Magnoli - Easyfluff


Dr. Nojoke, Durcheinander, Slasman Makocic, Golovlev, Yoma


mK50 Cleymoore - Psychoanalysis EPmK50 Cleymoore - Psychoanalysis EP

1. Cleymoore - Carl Gustav
2. Cleymoore - Sigismund Schlomo


Easy Changes, Bobo Lo, Storlon, Alicia Hush, Lowbard

As We Said, Tennisist, Diogo.


mK49 Zaid Edghaim - Tims &mK49

featuring remixes by;

Sloxxx, Zeina, Leonel Jacquier, Cross

4 original tracks, and five reinterpretations, Zaid's sound is crisp, clean and grounded by deep baselines, claps, and warped glitches, infused with the traditional middle-eastern drums and Arabic strings of his upbringing


mK48 Alicia Hush - Sideline Sally EPmK48 Alicia Hush - Sideline Sally EP

featuring remixes from;

As We Said
Bobo Lo
Sander Cast
Zaid Edghaim

Click the cover to discover.

mK47 htrspltn - ahoymK47 htrspltn - ahoy

a complex web of thoughts, feelings and associations . a sense of morbid beauty .

2.into cranium
3.baikal burn
5.we fuck alone

Click the cover to discover.

mK46 urbanoise - the tea was a failuremK46 urbanoise - the tea was a failure

a live recording from Greece

the urbanoise group therapy jam sessions - are some resheshing improvisations created at AstyTekk s home studio, created together with his dear friends

find more @ http://soundcloud.com/urbanoise


mK45 Voai - 2.97 train stations per second EP . mK44 Legobyte Ep . mK43 Fern - Technopolis . mK42 Agustin Armesto - Mauricio's Cells

mK41 The Lonely Schizo - Shoot! Gary, Shoot! . mK40 Ros - Like Starlight LP . mK39 Ronkabeat - Groovin 24th EP . mK38 187[●rec] - Autumn EP

mK37 G.IL.V - Everything EP . mK36 Ilya Orange - Rubber Horror EP . mK35 Speed of Sound [SVU] - Kosmos EP . mK34 George zB- Summer Colour EP

mK33 Gerardo T - Let the kids ride free EP . mK32 The Lonely Schizo (Ru) - Shhh It's I EP . mK31 - Muzikalist (Ru) - Changes EP . mK30 - Minimal Project [SVU] aka Deep and Dark - Loneliness

mK29 - Gaston Giraudo - Hidalis EP . mK28 - George zB- NoSpace EP . mK27 - Birdnest - Green Tea EP . mK26 Lazzich - mechti o shizlongax

mK25 NDE - Kollektiv Ep . mK24 Bela Emerson - No-Bees Realm . mK23 Dubzonic Ep . mK22 Rhythm Culture - In 2 Deep

mK20 Conwell Minolta - Starry Sky . mK20 Eros Marez - El cementerio de los elefantes EP . mK19 Bobo Lo - Love Forest Ep . mK18 The Lonely Schizo - habbit death in schizarium ep

mK17 Sleep Russia Vol.1 . mK16 Andrew MAze - Inhuman Walk . mK15 Raul Salas - Un Poco Technológico . mK14 Morten y - Spring time for music lovers

mK12 Ywi - Del otro lado Ep . mK11 Gaston Giraudo - Dariario eo . mK10 SeQ - Simple Things ep . mK09 Gaston Giraudo -  holoc ep

mK08 Rodrigo Toré - The Call ep . mK07 -Isaac Levy - Kiltrh03 . mK06 Pachyderme - Pelote de Laine EP . mK05 Floating Mind -  Beatiful Intrusion EP

mK04 Natalino Nunes - Red Hot . mK03 Ywi - Albigasta EP . mK02 -Isaac Levy -Kiltrh02 . mK01 Bobo Lo - Living like crackers ep

[mK46 urbanoise - the tea was a failure] Greece (live recording minimal)
[mK45 voai - 2.97 train stations per second] Pol (dark minimal)Musickollektiv
[mK44 Legobyte Ep] Ru (dupstep, IDM)
[mK43 Fern - Technopolis Ep] Ru (minimal-tech)
[mK42 Agustin Armesto - Mauricio's Cells] Arg (minmal-house)
[mK41 The Lonely Schizo - Shoot, Gary Shoot!] Ru (full on)
[mK40 Ros - Like Starlight] UK (ambient, experimental)
[mK39 Ronkabeat - Groovin 24th] Esp (minimal-techno)
[mK38 187[●rec] - Autumn Ep] Ru (techno)
[mK37 G.IL.V - Everything Ep] Ru (minimal\ tribal)
[mK36 Ilya Orange - Rubber Horror Ep] Ru (chilled dubstep)
[mK35 Speed of Sound [SVU] - Kosmos EP] Ru (techno)
[mK34 George zB- Summer Colours Ep] Ru (progressive house)
[mK33 Gerardo T - Let the kids ride free Ep] Mex (minimal-techno)MusicKollektiv Halloween
[mK32 - The Lonely Schizo (Ru) - Shhh It's I EP] Ru (techno)
[mK31 - Muzikalist - Changes Ep] Ru (minimal techno)
[mK30 - Minimal Project [SVU] aka Deep and Dark] Ru (minimal techno)
[mK29 - Gaston Giraudo - Hidalis Ep] Arg (techno)
[mK28 - George zB- NoSpace Ep] Ru (minimal techno)
[mK27 - Birdnest - Green Tea Ep] Aus (minimal techno)
[mK26 Lazzich - mechti o shizlongax Ep] Ru (minimal techno)
[mK25 NDE - Kollektiv Ep] UK (breaks, dubstep)
[mK24 Bela Emerson - No-Bees Realm] UK (experimental cellist)
[mK23 Dubzonic Ep] UK (Vocal dub, traditional)musickollektiv
[mK22 Rhythm Culture - In 2 Deep] UK (old school breaks)
[mK21 Conwell Minolta - Starry Sky] Ru (minimal tech)
[mK20 Eros Marez - El cementerio de los elefantes Ep] Esp (minimal)
[mK19 Bobo Lo - Love Forest Ep] UK (minimal techno)
[mK18 The Lonely Schizo - habbit death in schizarium ep] Ru (full on)
[mK17 Sleep Russia - Vol.1] USA (IDM, emotional)
[mK16 - Andrew MAze - Inhuman Walk] Ru (house)
[mK15 -Raul Salas -Un Poco Technológico] Esp (minimal-tech)
[mK14 - MortenY - Springtime for music lovers EP] Den (minimal)
[mK12 - Ywi - Del Otro Lado Ep] Arg (minimal)musickollektiv
[mK11 - Gaston Giraudo - Dariario Ep] Arg (minimal)
[mK10 - SeQ - Simple Things Ep] Esp (minimal)
[mK09 - Gaston Giraudo - holoc Ep] Arg (minimal-techno)
[mK08 Rodrigo Toré - The Call Ep] Esp (minimal)
[mK07 -Isaac Levy - Kiltrh03] Esp (house)
[mK06 Pachyderme - Pelote de Laine Ep] Arg (minimal)
[mK05 Floating Mind - Beuatiful Intrusion Ep] CH (minimal)
[mK04 Natalino Nunes - Red hot] PT (techno)
[mK03 Ywi - albigasta Ep] ARG (minimal tech)
[mK02 Isaac Levy - Kiltrh02 ] ESP (progressive house)
[mK01 Bobo Lo - Hopes & Crackers ] UK (experimental minimal)

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