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Sleep Russia Kollektiv Release

Sleep Russia (USA)

Volume 1

Sleep Russia on musickollektiv.org


1. Brett's House...

2. Chance.............

3. Heading North.

4. Bloom..............

5. The Increadible Lighthouse Party

Bonus track:

I feel like drowning

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Download mK17 - Sleep Russia - Volume 1.

Artist…..: Sleep Russia
Title……: Volume 1
Label……: artist of musickolletiv.org
Genre……: IDM\ emotional
Released..: Feb-21-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3

Creative Commons License

Elliott Johnson, aka Sleep Russia. Born in 1991, Sleep Russia is an experimental musician and electronic producer from Tampa, Florida. Influenced largely by the early ‘90s dream-pop/ shoegaze movement, Sleep has been avidly pursuing a life of art and music since the age of 7 when he began learning classical piano, and guitar. Over the years he developed his ability to play a handful of instruments, and began utilizing his ability at the age of 14 to start writing and recording music of all forms.

 The producer has collected a strong following from his earlier work in the audible motion project, Hello Pacific. Commonly recognized for his distinct combination of apathetic string sections and whimsical and melodic IDM structure, Sleep is carving a fine path to a promising future in the electronic music scene as he continues to grow into an ever expanding world of electronic music.

Currently attending a University in Ft. Myers, Florida; Sleep spends his time studying marketing and psychology during the day, and goes right to work in his private recording space during the nights and weekends.

Isolated behind racks of electronics for long amounts of time, Sleep spends most all of his time carefully crafting noise, and producing long emotional pieces of electronic music, highlighted by delicate vocal harmonies. Because of his young age, he continues to turn heads at local events and influence the thoughts of his fans and listeners. Being only 18 years old, Sleep has only just begun his exploration of the realms of musical reality, and the peaks of creativity. With such an abundance of energy, time, and patience to learn and refine his approach, there is a good chance you will be hearing a lot of his work in the coming years.  Perhaps good things will come as he prospers in this young and explosive time and releases more music. Keep your eyes out.  

Sleep Russia mK Sleep Russia kollektiv

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Sleep Russia and musickollektiv.org

Russian electronic music

Sleep изучает облачные лабиринты электронной музыки уже давно и почти все свое время тратит на создание новых звуков и целых мелодий, придавая большое значение вокальным партиям.Из-за своего юного возраста ,ему 18 лет , он продолжает привлекать внимание на местных вечеринках и оказывает влияние на своих фанатов и слушателей.Он только начал открывать для себя безграничный мир музыки и постягать вершины творчества. Благодаря избытку времени и своему

терпению в процессе обучения, он непрестанно шлифует свой подход к музыке.Так что у него есть все шансы на то, чтобы завоевать наши сердца своими работами в ближайшие годы.

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