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mK22 Rhythm Culture


Rhythm Culture (Darren Lee)

Darren Lee - Groove Deep

Groove Deep (Darren Lee) grew up in the Midlands UK.. Music always has been the backbone of life, inspiration and personal philosophy of life.

Groove Deep started learning the drums at age 13 and likes to get out the hand percussion on 'random sporadic moments' to accompany his didgeridoo playing - busking in his settled town of Northampton (Just for the crack). His love dance music 'in general' started at his first attended the festival rave giant 'Fantasia' in 1992 at Castle Donnington.

This led to a '10 year' time window of holding Free outdoor Techno party's in barns and under old railway & motorway bridges around the UK. This party lifestyle inevitably led to encourage the creative side of his musical nature, and Groove Deep was born. Groove Deep originally took his influences from producers and 'Live' performers such as 'Orbital, Eat Static, The Orb, Ronnie Size, Left field, Trans global Underground Sound and Banco de Gia. He and began experimenting with 'musical hardware' to produce electronic dance music in the late 90's. His current music can be compared to the successful deep house labels like 'Drop Music,Slide and Low Pressings' Groove Deep is also a success full event promoter, and now feels he need to set aside more time time to develop his own musical direction.


'My La Groove' was recorded and performed 'live' on real time Hardware sequencing. The track is smooth, deep and warm deep house track guaranteed to soothe you soul form 'partying hard' from the night before.


1. Rhythm Culture - Enclaved.mp3.............

2. Rhythm Culture - My La Groove (Keep on Groovin Let your body be free)


3. Rhythm Culture - Zinc Deep Funk...........

4. The Sub:Hertz Experiment - Dubstar.....

Download minimal mp3

The Sub:Hertz Experiment

A new music project by Drum & Bass DJ 'Funk Da Bass' from the Midlands UK. like so many talented artists in the Drum & Bass scene, Dubstep has crept in over the last 5-7 years. The Sub:Hertz Experiment, is now collaborating with artist to produce Dub step with a difference, more sound scapes and score, pieces lasting from 3-15 minutes long. Where a lot of dubstep crosses over into the drum and bass scene, The Sub:Hertz Experiment tries to encompass other influences from electronic sound-scape guru's 'Aphex Twin' into the music, creating progression and diversity into the track. The track entitled 'Dubstar' is a classic example of the dynamics of integration between a 'cross genre' blend and and is a good indication of future productions. The Sub:Hertz Experiment informs us that the concept is one of collaboration with other artists, so feel free to make contact in regards to remix work, or co working on projects.

Download mK22 Rhythm Culture & The Sub:Hertz Experiment

Darren Lee Smith: 2dmedia-design(at)gmx.com


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