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mK29 Gaston Giraudo

mK29 - Gaston Giraudo - Hidalis EP

mK29 Gaston Giraudo

Creative Commons License


1. Hidalis...............

2. Shit your bones.


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Download mK29 Gaston Giraudo - Hidalis EP


Artist…..: Gaston Giraudo
Title……: Hidalis EP
Label……: artist of musickollektiv.org
Genre……: Minimal\ Techno
Released..: April-28-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3


I've started a duo with a drummer. He has a  > > roland  > > td-7 drum that has a
 big sound bank. It includes the 909 and 808 bank and  > > sounds great!  

The drummer is from my band!he has an unique style!    Here is a new hard track!
sincerely,    Gaston  


Gaston Giraudo

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