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mK35 Speed of Sound [SVU] - Kosmos EP

mK35 Speed of Sound [SVU] - Kosmos EP


mK35 speed of sound [svu] - Kosmos EP

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1. Moon...

2. Mars....


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Artist…..: Speed of Sound [SVU]
Title……: Kosmos EP
Label……: mK, musickollektiv.org
Genre……: Minimal
Released..: 16-07-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3

mK35 Speed of Sound [SVU] Project - Kosmos EP

A new two track minimal techno offering from the Russian DJ Duo-Dj Virus and Dj Gradus-from there Speed of Sound [SVU] project a slight change of name since their mK30 release but sounding great, straight from nash Kosmos




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