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mK36 Ilya Orange

mK36 Ilya Orange - Rubber Horror EP


mK36 Ilya Orange - Rubber Horror EP

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1. Somnambula......

2. Rubber Horror...

3. Firmware...........

4. Sundrop.............


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Artist…..: Ilya Orange
Title……: Rubber Horror EP
Label……: mK, musickollektiv.org
Genre……: Dubstep, Techno
Released..: 28-07-2010
Quality….: 320 kbps MP3

Ilya Orange

Ilya Orange was born in Moscow in 1982. Since his childhood, Ilya has been studying classical music, and made his first composing attempts shortly after he discovered electronic music. In his early teens, Ilya Orange stitched loops and corrected their pitch by using a modified cassette player, including Yamaha PSR-410 sounds and noises acquired with portable recorder into his first tracks. Later, when computers and trackers became abundant, Ilya composed happy hardcore tracks, later switching to goa and psy trance, successfully making his first appearances on the scene — in night clubs and on open airs — by that time. Then, Ilya started to be interested in techno.

Now, Ilya Orange creates dub & minimal techno, ambient, dubstep and IDM music, serving as a producer for Space Detective, a synthpop singer, as well. Has a berlin electronic school-style secret project. Has composed various soundtracks for computer games and video shorts.

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