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The Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms and telling their stories; paying attention to slight glances; taking chances and unexpected turns; with the sole hope of enlivening the spirits of music lovers.

The Kollektiv Artists series has featured some of the most exciting underground producers from around the world. Importantly, we choose to create and share in a collective, rather than a commercial fashion. This empowers our artists with a complete freedom of expression, and in this absence of commercial trappings our music can blossom.

All the Kollektiv Artist albums can be downloaded for free.


Look at the picture of Hurst Spit below, this is natural formation of millions of little pebbles. Individually a stone from this Spit appears quite ordinary, but when the pebbles come together in a Kollektiv format, the result is astonishing.

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In the same way we at mK are encouraging very talented individuals to share their creations in the Kollektiv format of our Kollektiv Artists albums, which are released every three months. The result has naturally been some mesmerizing electronic music from a positive and diverse group of artists.

We also do not strive to control the spread of our music, but rather encourage its spread by directly sharing it in many portals, blogs, and other websites that to the traditional label are considered pirates, but to the people and to us are a great means of sharing. Anyone is free to use our music and share alike.

You see unlike a traditional record label, we do not intend to tightly control the organization, indeed we hope that as the Kollektiv develops it will then become out of the control of any individual but rather be under the Kollektiv control of any musician who shares our Kollektiv spirit. Indeed we welcome any creative person to become as involved in mK as they so please

What musickollektiv.org creates:

mK releases - which are EPs from the promising and talented artists from around the world.

Kollektiv Artists VA albums. These give Kollektiv Artists another opportunity to share their music in a collective format. These compilations promise to bring together the most wonderful electronic music, and foster a Kollektiv spirit between our artists encouraging them to reach new levels of creativity.

Our choice of music completely disregards its commercial viability.

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Kollektiv Artists albums are widely available in the following online stores:

beatport Juno itunesamazon mp3 and musickolelktiv.org

We remind you that all our music is available free from us

Unfortunately here it is impossible to share freely, however the Kollektiv Artists can be found here too, we do this purely to help our artists, put their music in the shop window, more people discover it, and next time hopefully they will know to get it free from the Kollektiv website

We are also distributing 1,000 copies on CD Format - for free of course

They are widely digitally distributed for free download directly from our website and also available for purchase in many online stores, purely to put our artists in the shop window

Kollektiv Artists compilations are made up of previously unreleased material. We welcome any artist who wants to share.

Kollektiv Artists Albums

Kollektiv Artists, musickollektiv.org