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Kollektiv Artists. Volume 3.

We are so happy to share with you our latest Kollektiv creation, a truly wonderful album, filled with some very expressive electronic music, diverse in character and Kollektiv in spirit.

So without further delay let us take you on a journey, unlike any other,

Kollektiv Artists. Volume 3.

Download minimal mp3

It's 320mb of great music so be patient when downloading, we promise it's well worth the wait.

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Kollektiv Artists. Volume 3. by musickollektiv.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.musickollektiv.org.
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1. Ros - Gold Eaters Reality Moulds...........

2. Yoma - Imaginarium..............................

3. Floating Mind - Orient Magnum Glitch..

4. Rainer - Wasted German Youth.............

5. Dimitry Liss - She's 8 bit (Deep Brunette mix)


6. Bobo Lo - Better not washing................

7. Ilya Orange - Unipolar...........................

8. Revy - Fastforward.................................

9. The Lonely Schizo- Shoot! Gary, Shoot!

10. oh.u.ah - Let it.....................................

11. Samwell - Georgina.............................

12. Canary Fontaine - Winning Ugly...........

13. SeQ - Dub Armada...............................

14. Eros Marez & Ungar - Drug..................

15. Bela Emerson - Amber.........................

16. George zB - Morning Cloud.................

17. Sloxxx - Winter Walking with Me........

18. Multy - Mantry.....................................

Download minimal mp3


New Kollektiv Artists:

Yoma on musickollektiv


Precise in the arrangement, innovative and lucid in sound design, flirting with avantguard noir groove at one side and industrial techno at the other, in short period of time Yoma has found her way to hearts of listeners and from young underground Dj became recognized producer.

Soon to be an architect from Novi Sad (RS), techno/minimal Dj, avantguard producer with taste, person who ably swims in sound tsunami of upcoming new sound, unladen by trends, following her instinct. Yoma is someone from whom we can expect always fresh and deep tracks, precisely arranged and acoustically treated.

She's been producing music since 2002. and just started releasing stuff two years ago on Genesa Records. After that she continued releasing tracks and remixes for this great label from Serbia. 2009. her 'Attuned EP' was released for Genesa as well as few tracks on Alpha Genesa Compilation and interesting ladies V.A. 'Yoni Gita', together with Nico, Paulice and Nadja Lind. Only recently her remix for Muzikalist's 'Distortion' (Industrial Ideas EP) was released on Miniatura Records.

Her sound could be defined primarily as an experiment in exploring limits of the genre, flirtation and sigh, folded echoes as a reflection of contemporary relations. Her seemingly simple rhythms grinding way ahead while the reflection of multilayered reverbs break through harmonious minimalist passages filled with misterious atmosphere. Industrialised and organic sounds mosaic taken-down to the basic parts, rearranged and stripped, led by precise hand and inteligente spirit, spill out from the speakers the essence of a moment.



Sloxxx At first, Sloxxx was half-dead. Some say even dead, dark blue... And then he started crying, and the crying went on for years. They tried to calm him down, playing him Radio Belgrade and classical music. He turned to pot-bashing and radiator smashing. Then came the guitar... Followed by Casio Synth and Commodore 64... He listened to Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, FSOL and other stuff... He went to theatres and festivals and workshops and started playing... Minimal, hermetic, dubby music. Collage landscapes, vibrations and resonances, blurred horizons, syncoped rhythms - the result of experiments with Ableton Live and other tools. His music comes from listening to The Space, inside him and around him, from the noise in his head and the rhythm and dynamics. Exploration and wandering. Meditation and maths. Above all, his music is an introspective trip into listening and expectation - from Siberia to Argentine, Detroit to Berlin, Durmitor to Panonia. No end or goal in sight.
He currently lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia


Dimitry Liss

Dimitry Liss

Dimitry Liss was born in Russia (Vladivostok), however, currently stays in Dubai (UAE) where he performs live and produces electronic music. An artist with quite a few releases he gained recognition amongst big and respectable labels such as: Frisky Records, SweetLeaf, Balkan Connection South America, Deep Focus, Bit Records and many more.


(Mean, Serialism, Remake Music – London/Berlin)

Berlin based Rainer aka (Ray), originally from Barcelona and Rainer music Kollektivspending his childhood in LA has been a significant presence on the Mean, Serialism crew for quite some time after moving to London in 2007 and rapidly making his mark on the city's music scene . Rainer first started playing in 2000 with projects in Electro and Rock, the roots which later turned into his solo electronic productions in 2006. London saw Rainer continue producing and playing where he met and began collaborating with the Mean, Serialism collective. The last few years have seen him play with DJ's including Audio Werner, Lee Curtis, Cesare vs Disorder ,Shaun revees,Mayaan nidam,Jichael Mackson,konrad blak, etc.. 2009 saw Rainer rapidly conquer the London dance floors with his DJ sets and the huge 'Neuralgia' release on serialism records firmly secured his place in the industry, receiving full support from Seth Troxler , Kate Simko,Ryan crosson...... amongst others. A recent move to Berlin after Mean Records February Showcase at Weekend Club , Rainer's stamp is being made as we speak. With Mean's imminent 009 Release 'Battle For Mouths' from Cesare vs Disorder and Rainer with Kate Simko remix as well on 'Remake Music's' 004-006, A new ep coming out soon on vinyl club with Pier Bucci rmx and serialism 8000 feet up (ep) with a rmx from Shaun Reeves,looks like is gonna be a great year for this artist.



Mariya Solodkova was born August 31, 1986 in Novosibirsk (Russia), in the city that is capital Siberia region.

She was grown as a normal child, and was fond of painting in childhood, she also wrote rather strange poems, about love and peace all over the world for all people. Some people said that she is "indigo-child", as she was interested (when she became a teenager) in all things she saw or read about, and she was looking for many answers for many quaestions at the same time.

When Mariya became 20 she moved to Moscow with pop-rock band, she formed to became succesfull. But after three years of recordings and gigs, she found that she is not interested in this sort of music, especially in Russia. Her new project, named Multy, was formed when she met Ilias Mikanaev (Yellow Blue Bus project), promoter and dj, that made events and was much experienced in electronic music.

From this time and till present days she is making her songs without any expensive equipment, using laptop, few controllers, sampler and microphone. Mariya making electronic music, basically in techno/electro-pop styles, like there was nothing in this sort of music before, as she doesn't know artists and groups she might be inspired - as her ideas are inspired by rock music, that reflected to electronic area, that makes her style strange, but very sincere. Her songs are basically in Russian and texts are about love, hate, faith and other girl dreams.



Revy's music is strange. There really is no better way to put it. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest USA before moving to Tokyo, the influence and contrast of nature and technology are made clear in his mesmerizing pieces. His sound is one that is complicated, rapidly revolving between themes which are at times serious, beautiful, strong and others almost comical and ridiculous. Each track encompasses such an emotional gamut that they themselves seem to become intelligent entities.

It's no wonder, really. Kevin Lind began experimenting with sound as a child with whatever he had on hand, mixing and editing his storybook tapes with sound effects. He went from sound to music as a teenager, picking up saxophone and keyboard ahead of the modern era of computer music, where he first combined elements from both his controlled and random sonic palettes.

Like so many prolific artists, the drive to share his ideas took precedent. Kevin headed into the netlabel scene to test some ears, and won his respect. His music now realized, he's started building the profile of his releases, with a vinyl release on Slant, and appearances on digital compilations on From 0-1, SubSensory, and Seta. He's also been giving back to the netlabel community by managing Bleepsequence, a burgeoning platform for experimental media and thought provoking electronic music.

Revy sound's is that of his resourcefulness and drive to experiment. He molds his thoughts out of the world around him, both physically and perceptually. It's the chatter of the mind processing one's day before resolving what it all means.


Samwell Kollektiv

Samwell – musican, DJ from Russia (Saint Petersburg). Real name is Samvel Muradian. He always wanted to write music but starting release was since 17 years old. He likes wet and acoustical sound. He plays music like : minimal techno, tech, dub-techno. He writes music : ambient techno, minimal, atmosphere. Sometimes he plays music in Petersburg’s clubs. At present activity is engaged in a writing of music and game of the DJ. (Artwork Deviat Point & Shoomet)



Lazzich & Maxim Said from Electrostal, Russia.

Regret and indignation Pure love to the good Sweet fortune of story Rushed his blood from childhood...

Canary Fontaine

Canary Fontaine aka Ollie Silva, was born and raised in London from Chilean and Irish descent. A strong connection to all things musical from a young age, the early discovery of guitar led to experimenting with percussion and drums, eventually resulting in him furthering his knowledge by studying sound engineering at IMW and following it up with a Popular Music and Drums Diploma at England’s renowned Drum Tech.

Canary Fontaine
The years that followed saw Ollie develop his talent and become increasingly interested in the electronic side of dj’ing and production. Having mastered his analogue and engineering skills, Ollie began to put them into practice with his own productions. Canary Fontaine’s early love for minimal techno helped him produce his debut release ‘Arizona Creeping EP ‘on London based Mean Records in 2009.
Arizona Creeping, a delicate and refined release with ‘Clothes horses’ being a deep rhythmic jazz adventure, and ‘Arizona creeping and ‘Cindy says so (feat. Eddie Smith aka Zippy)’ resulting in some solid and warm techno, set deep within its groove and climbing cleverly through platforms. Ollie’s debut EP received deserved recognition. His work continues to reach new levels, and his tracks have since been released on Serialism Records ‘London Cuts EP’, Doudou Malicious’s label Multivitamins and Numbolic Records.

Canary Fontaine has been dj'ing around Japan, Europe and the UK, playing alongside artists such as Shaun Reeves ,Audio Werner, Kate Simko, DOP, Seuil ,James What and Dan Berkson and Cesare Vs Disorder amongst others, in some of London and Europe’s finest venues including TBar, The End and Berlin’s Weekend Club.

His Dj sets take us through his knowledge and passion of techno, house and disco. Continuously following the lines of his individual style; futuristic, jazzy and naughty off key intentions with big beats and strong grooves are Ollie’s signature. 2010 holds a busy production schedule for Canary Fontaine, a recent remix out for Omar Salgado on Swiss label Numbolic Records and an upcoming release for Sebastian Russel on the Men In Armour label. Mean Records will be releasing Ollie’s solo EP later this year with a superb Mark Henning remix, set to show us yet another string to Canary Fontaine’s bow.



Cesare vs Disorder .............. 'Nice... best from berlin x'

Muzikalist ............................ 'Great music guys!'

David (from Moscow) ............'Like it a lot. Keep up the good work guys!'


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